Packaging Information - Under the Skin of Endangered Animals

Packaging Information

On checkout for multiple orders, we give customers the option to package prints together. This saves on carbon emissions, materials and postage. Here’s an overview of both packaging options:

Option 1: Package Together

The best option for the planet – and your wallet! Your prints and torches will be carefully packaged together. Our tubes hold 1-3 prints, so we package in multiples of three and work out postage costs from here.

We give customers who choose this option one UV torch, assuming they will be unpacking and displaying their prints as a single series. If you require more torches and printed materials, feel free to get in touch and we’ll happily customise your order.

Option 2: Package Individually

The best option for gift solutions, or if you are ordering prints for multiple people. The prints will arrive in multiple individual large tubes, each one accompanied by a Kraft torch box. This will allow you to safely transport your prints without having to worry about storage solutions, and ensures each person will receive a UV torch and bundle of printed materials.