Sunda Pangolin - Under the Skin of Endangered Animals
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Sunda Pangolin


This enduring, scaly little mammal has an unfortunate tagline: the most illegally trafficked animal in the world.

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This print protects
Sunda Pangolins

20% of the proceeds of this print go directly to Save Vietnam’s Wildlife (SVW), a national Non-Profit Organisation who commits to protecting and increasing populations of threatened wildlife in Vietnam by rescuing threatened animals, protecting entire populations and ensuring secured habitats.

This screen print was created in collaboration with Another Escape, a magazine focused on outdoor lifestyle, creative culture, and sustainable living. Co-founders Jody Daunton and Rachel Taylor travelled to Borneo to explore the wild and bio-diverse habitats to follow in the footsteps of the great British explorer, biologist and naturalist Alfred Russell Wallace.

Tragically, as Wallace predicted, many of the region’s animals are facing extinction. Another Escape felt the need to highlight the magnificent creatures and the growing threats they currently face, so they reached out to us to collaborate and share their findings.

What's in the box?

UV torch – flashlight used to interact with the print and reveal the animal's anatomy.

Thank you card – a personal hand screen printed message from the makers, Ed and James.

Charity card – price breakdown of how Save Vietnam's Wildlife use donations to protect the species.

Makers booklet – an editorial publication that shares the working process and story of the brothers.

Framing guide – care instructions of how to best protect your artwork.

Sustainably screen printed

This Sunda Pangolin screen print has been designed and hand-printed by Ed and James in a limited edition of 40 prints. They use Fedrigoni’s 350gsm Freelife Cento, a carbon balanced paper which Fedrigoni create in collaboration with The World Land Trust. Numbered and embossed, this interactive fourteen-layer screen print is comprised of thirteen layers of water based pigment ink, finished with one layer of phosphorescent ink.